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  • Safety is our #1 priority.

  • Supervision 100% of the time.

  • Meet and greets are not a thing of the past! We both need to make sure I can become best buds with your fur baby.

  • The same pet sitter every time, once a relationship is established why would we want to rock that boat?

  • Quick and reliable services without another long process to worry about.

AND 5 reasons why we are the perfect match for the modern dog parent!

  1.  No packs EVER! - your fur baby is priority and will get the individual treatment they deserve.

  2.  14+ years of experience working exclusively with small dog breeds. 

  3.  In-home care means your fur baby is safe in their own home without the risk of injuries, picking up on bad habits from exposure to other dogs, or   experiencing the dreaded homesick feeling at a pet boarding service. 

  4.  Experienced dog walker who plans walks according to exercise and potty break needs. Your fur babies can do their business at their leisure.

  5.  Your furbaby gets to decide what they want to do. Training for the Olympics? Lets go! More of professional couch potato? That's cool too.... 

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Ruby and Yogi


Jeraldin is an awesome pet sitter. Definitely give her 5 stars! We had a weekend getaway planned to another state but unfortunately our little ones do not do too well in new environments. I was stressing about finding the right pet sitter that could act as our "stand-in" during our absence and Jeraldin was right there to answer all our helicopter parent questions.  I received constant updates about my baby's staycation and I could tell they were comfortable around her. I knew my babies were in good hands. I was able to actually relax during my vacation and she exceeded all my pet care expectations. Very responsive and communicative, trustworthy, and punctual. She is always my go-to pet sitter. 



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Jeraldin is absolutely amazing! Very dependable, responsible, and fantastic with dogs. A true dog lover who makes no apologies for putting the pups first! I do a lot of overtime and graveyard shifts and it's never easy to find someone to stay with my girl during those long nights. I don't have worry anymore now that I know my little girl is safe and relaxed during her overnight sleepovers with Jeraldin. Graveyard shifts are already stressful, and she has helped take away one layer of that stress by genuinely loving my stubborn little dog and accommodating to our unique hours. I can't thank you enough!




What an amazing dog whisperer! I can tell Scar loves being around her the moment he realizes she is in the same room with him. Scar is a particular man, and he cannot handle the noise level at boarding facilities, so I knew one-on-one pet care was our only option. And Jay was right there to help our pesky Scar stay in his routine. I no longer feel guilty leaving him at home because I know his best friend will soon keep him company. And I can focus on my day with peace. The best pet sitter for my Scar. Thank you Jay for being an excellent dog sitter.




Absolutely heaven sent!!!!! I had a last minute trip to visit family on a holiday weekend and since my usual sitter was coming with me, I desperately looked around for someone who had experience with high anxiety small dogs like my 11 year old Yorkshire terrier. She has extreme separation anxiety, recently had knee surgery and has rarely stayed at an unfamiliar place without me overnight, much less for a whole weekend. I was a nervous wreck myself, even considering multiple times to cancel my plans.So when I finally met Jay in person for the meet and greet, I can say that I immediately felt comforted and reassured!! She was extremely knowledgeable, patient and you can tell she just absolutely loved animals (even while my dog was barking her head off in anxiety). I sent her an essay of my dog's habits and requirements and she was extremely understanding and accommodated everything. She kept me updated during my trip with pictures and I knew my senior, extremely needy dog was in the best hands. In fact, as soon as I got back, I had already booked her again for my next trip!! As someone who has looked everywhere, I can genuinely say it will be hard to beat this level of reliable one on one service and rate in our area!



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